What We Do?

Cool Star Company (CSCO) is active in three sectors of production, trading and support.


Production of various compression chiller “air cool and water cool” air conditioners, industrial air conditioners, evaporative packages, unit packages, air condensers, fan coils, zeniths, centrifuges and exhaust fans, and heater and evaporator units and all types of coils ، Heating, Metal Fiberglass Cooling Towers and…


This company is a sales representative of reputable international brands. In order to improve the HVAC and refrigeration industry, CSCO provides the unique facilities needed for cooling system components and also provides advice on the choice of HVAC and refrigeration systems. Throughout its decades of activity in the field of HVAC and refrigeration system, the complex has been based on product quality and customer satisfaction.


Our services include design, engineering, installation of equipment, repairs and maintenance, which is always focused on enhancing customer satisfaction with quality, speed and accuracy in service. All of our services rely on experienced staff, Software knowledge, new technologies and an extensive network of services.These services include technical advice before selecting a product and designing engineering plans for infrastructure implementation

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