Cooling Tower

Wet cooling tower

In wet cooling tower, hot water from the top of the tower passes through the packings and encounters fresh air flowing out of the environment by fan or naturally, while exchanging heat and cooling at the bottom of the tower.  Disadvantage of this system is to splash water particles around as well as excessive evaporation of water

Dry cooling tower

Dry cooling towers are used in areas where there is insufficient water to prevent further water loss and evaporation. In this category, hot water passes through the cooled pipes that are in contact with the cold air, rather than passing through the pakes. One of the disadvantages of this system is the decrease in efficiency with increasing ambient temperature

Dry-wet cooling tower

It is a combination of dry and wet cooling towers and is used to reduce the side effects of these two systems. The dry-wet cooling towers have two air paths in parallel and two water paths in series. The hot water first flows into the pipes and then into the pockets and along this route is exchanged with cold air and cold water is collected at the bottom of the tower

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